Angel Tattoos Part 01

Did you ever see an angel tattoo design on someone walking down the street and not wonder what it means? A gorgeous delicate set of angel wings on the back? A beautiful little full angel on the shoulder? How about a portrait with wings surrounded by a name. Is the person with the tattoo a little bit of the archangel Michael or a little Lucifer? Intriguing isn't it? angel tattoos angel tattoos There is something so wonderfully innocent about an angel tattoo. Something so alluring, and personal. It intrigues us to figure out the meaning of the angel tattoo design, or the angel wing tattoo design. What does it mean to the person it belongs to? Have they lost someone special? Are they very spiritual or is it "protecting" them? I would venture to say that all wearers of angel tattoos have a deep personal connection to their tattoo. It becomes their own personal "tribal" tattoo, if you will. angel tattoos angel tattoos angel tattoos For some, the angel tattoo symbolizes freedom. Freedom to live as you wish, do what you wish. It symbolizes spirituality, love and protection. A connection with something higher and more powerful than yourself. The protection of a guardian angel and the love you feel for the special people in your life. For some, angel tattoos and wing tattoos symbolize the fine line between good and evil. The beautiful Archangel Michael vs. the fallen Archangel Lucifer. Light vs. Dark, Good vs. Bad, ... Are you a Michael or a bit of a Lucifer? angel tattoos angel tattoos Angel tattoos come in a wide variety of sizes and designs. Some are very, very intricate, looking as if you could almost pluck the feathers right off the wings. This is to the credit of a very good and patient tattoo artist. Back Tattoos of Angel wings can fill the entire back, with fabulously detailed wings. They can be light or dark in color. Usually the darker will symbolize the dark side of life or the fallen angel. Or, it is just the personal taste of the wearer. Some choose to put the angel wings on the lower back with the wings spread out. As far as lower back tattoos go, this looks really cool. Wing tattoos also look great on the back of the ankle with the wings open and pointing up. Really, it is one tattoo design that can be put just about anywhere and look great. Surround it with some flowers or scroll work, maybe with some lettering and you are set. If you love tribal tattoos, see if you can get an artist to draw your angel tattoo or wing tattoo in a Maori or tribal style. angel tattoos angel tattoos Whether you are a guy or girl, and whatever the reason for getting an angel or wing tattoo, be it spiritual, memorial, representative of your guardian angel, tongue and cheek symbolism of your personality, or simply because you think it's cool, do your research. Find the perfect tattoo design for you. Be very careful when choosing your tattoo design. You want the best angel tattoo design or angel wing tattoo design you can afford. You also want to find the best tattoo artist you can afford. There is nothing worse than a poorly inked tattoo. Choose your design and artist wisely and you will be happy with your tattoo forever. After all, once it is there, well, you better love it.