Dragon Tattoos Part 04

Dragon tattoos can mean something different to each person. Usually, this meaning can be shown in the way that a dragon is depicted. If the dragon is meant to express strength, the image will usually show a very large, fierce dragon with massive wings. These dragons are usually breathing fire, either to the side, or directly at the person viewing the tattoo. If the dragon is supposed to show wisdom and intelligence, the dragon is often shown smiling or thoughtful. The most common depiction of this would be Chinese dragon tattoos. With images such as these, the dragon is often designed to appear old and weathered to express wisdom. Some are even shown with long, gray beards or moustaches.dragon tattoos Dragon tattoos can represent a variety of emotions and ideals, such as good, evil, wisdom, adventure, mischief, strength, and bravery. The key is to choose an image that represents you the best. Dragon tattoo designs can be any color. Men often choose red or green, while women often choose purple, blue, or pink. However, the color choice is up to you, and that will make your dragon tattoo as unique as you are.dragon tattoos Are dragon tattoos meant only for the damsels around? Seems like that is some wrong notion? Let's be a part of the upcoming tattoo mania for the attractive men folk today! Tattooing has become very common as a means of expressing the attitude, feelings, sensuality and interests through these lovely pictures. Among all the legendary creatures, dragon is said to be the most prominent and universal feature in thousands of cultures, which represents the 4 points of compass and elements. Dragon symbolizes earth, water, sky, and under land in east regions and in western regions they are known as the early enemy by whom fight is considered as the ultimate and the best test. People nowadays are more inclined towards having a dragon tattoo done on their body.dragon tattoos Males prefer the tattoo on their shoulder or back as well as on their hand. And females normally, have a tattoo on their belly or lower back. The dragon is considered to be very powerful and that is what men prefer it for. So, commonly the dragon tattoo is done to show the power and hugeness of the character. These tattoos are done on the body in different color and styles. Dragon tattoos are available in usually blue and red colors. The dragon's image is a reflection of dinosaur. And, it is mostly anticipated breathing fire. Those dragons that are imagined like this are called as fire dragons. These fire dragon tattoos are very popular among males.dragon tattoos Different types of dragon tattoos are there such as, fire dragon, water dragon, fire-spitting dragon, and powerful dragon. These dragons are engraved by the people for portraying their power, strength and influencing attitude. It may also depict anger in many cases. However, with a passage of time and the buzz word on, there are various interpretations coming up.dragon tattoos Dragon tattoos, amongst the oldest tattoos. still find preference amongst the crowd. One thing to be noticed is that the dragon tattoos are ever popular and nothing has yet been able to replace this design. These dragon tattoos reflect the real character of men because generally the male personality is synonymous to power, energy, hugeness and masculinity.dragon tattoos All over the world, dragon tattoo designs have been popular and still are. The great thing about having a dragon tattoo is that you can have it on basically any part of your body and it will look great. Dragons on their own are mystical creatures that are known only to exist in folklore and in myths, but this could be the reasons as to why dragon tattoo designs are one of the most popular in the world.dragon tattoos Depending on which way the dragon is designed and portrayed, dragon tattoos can emit many different emotions, some of which include anger and hate right through to elegance and adoration. Due to the fact that so many cultures offer their own depictions of exactly how dragons are and what they look like, people that are looking to have the tattoos done have such a wide variety to choose from.dragon tattoos According to legends, dragons are said to have originated from the Far East, in certain countries like Japan, China and Korea. It is said that the dragons were mainly used to guard valuable treasures so that no one could pass them and get to whatever they were guarding. In this case you could use dragon tattoo designs like this to protect something of yours, like your heart. Dragons were not always bad as perceived, and they weren't always the fire-breathing monsters people made them out to be.dragon tattoos