Dragon Tattoos

Dragon tattoos are very popular in a way that spans social barriers and defies gender profiling when choosing ink. Dragons aren't just for the fantasy set or soldiers anymore; they are filling the biceps and calves, chest and even the private parts of people who can appreciate such a strong creature. Remember, dragons are supposedly mythological creatures that date back Anglo centuries and are even revered in Eastern culture. Strength and power are the main representations with dragon tattoos but mysticism and the allure of the unknown are often alluded to when struggling with a reason to define the meaning behind getting these creatures tattooed on your body. Dragons have a meaning all of their own and it is important to look at these factors when you are analyzing the popularity of these creatures as tattoos.dragon tattoos The popularity is apparent, when you look around. Many people have dragon tattoos already or want one, no matter the reason. If you want one, there is a ton of designs online and in history books or just about anywhere. The dragon is a historical figure and is largely used in advertising today to give companies a sense of being large and in charge - and in the tattoo world it certainly is. It means something different for every person that has one. With such a rich history and a long list of options to choose from as far as design, getting a dragon tattoo would be a wonderful addition to a collection of tattoos.dragon tattoos Men who love to have their bodies inked are drawn to dragon tattoos. This design simply appeals to them. People who have no background about dragons may find this bizarre, but to those who know most, if not all the things about dragons, they would really search far and wide for the perfect design for them.dragon tattoos For those who do not have a hunch of the significance of dragon tattoos and their symbolism, allow me to share an overview. Aside from the obvious reason that dragons are strong and mystical, they have alluring qualities, based on folklore and myth that have made them the most sought after designs by people. Examples of these qualities are good luck, charm, source of wealth, courage and bravery, power, and freedom. And because of these qualities also, an equal number of women have them on their body.dragon tattoos Now, knowing the general idea about dragons is not the end of the quest. That was just the beginning in finding the perfect dragon tattoo for you. You may wonder why? Aren't all dragons supposed to be the same? The answer is no. Not all dragons are the same. There are two types of dragons and each type has different breeds, depending on their origins. Because of that, the first tip in finding your great dragon pattern is to know the answer to the question, what kind of dragon are you? You have to know if you are a western type of dragon or an eastern type.dragon tattoos The second point you need to consider is the place where you ink your design. The area where you tattoo your dragon is important. The spot can give life to your dragon. From the shoulder going to the front is a good place to animate your dragon design. This can be good for men. The lower back is also excellent. Both men and women can use this part of their body. The final tip is the color of your ink. Dragons are trademarks of certain cultures. Black ink is safe but putting additional colors into the design is acceptable as well. However putting too many colors may no longer be as perfect as you wanted your dragon tattoo to be. And so, it is also wise to ask the opinion of the tattoo artists because they are experts in this field.dragon tattoos Dragons have been featured in several movies. These are huge serpentine creatures that usually breathe fire. In the past, dragons were been a part of several cultures. Do dragons really exist in this world? Myth will always remain myth. No one has seen or witnessed dragons in real life. However, they have been a huge part of human's life. Aside from movies, dragons can be found in tattoo parlors through dragon tattoo designs.dragon tattoos As time passed, dragon tattoo designs have increasingly popular to all tattoo enthusiasts. As a form of art, dragons have different faces to show in this world. In Asia, dragons are characters that are always linked with supernatural powers, wisdom and bravery. Often, Chinese and japans people believed that dragon is the one that gives protection and luck to a person.dragon tattoos Among dragon tattoo designs, tribal tattoos are the most appealing ones. These designs are usually inked on the shoulders of both men and women. As the head of the family, dragons represent protection or guidance. Aside from shoulders, they can also be placed in other parts of the body including back, chest, upper arms and lower back.dragon tattoos The traditional way of searching tattoo ideas is by visiting a tattoo parlor or by reading some magazines. However, because of the advance technology, tattoo images can be also found online. Instead of wasting your time falling in line next to another customer in the tattoo parlor, it could be better if you browse online galleries. Here you can find a wide array of dragon tattoo designs. You can also decide to modify designs to get a unique outcome.dragon tattoos Dragon tattoos are excellent masterpieces that can inspire you during hardships of life. It can also be your protection as many people think it is. Or maybe dragon tattoos can help you send your message to the world.dragon tattoos Dragon Tattoo Designs are by far one of the most popular designs people want to be "inked" with. It is usually sought after because dragons are associated with power, courage, and strength; of a free and fearless existence. After all, tattoos serve as a reflection of one's being and what better way to tell the world who you are by showing your desired traits via skin art.dragon tattoos European and Asian dragons are the most commonly utilized dragon tattoo designs. They both originate from rich folklore and mythology, making symbolism all the more worthwhile. European dragons are those frequently illustrated in medieval tales whether as a castle guard or as a formidable sentry of wondrous treasures. Western interpretations describe it as a fire-breathing, bloodthirsty, and ferocious creature that malevolently breeds horror and fear.dragon tattoos As for Japanese dragon tattoo designs, you also have a broad array to choose from. Sui-Riu is a dragon king who is most especially powerful in times of drought since he controls both wind and rain. Han-Riu is one of the largest dragons spanning a length of forty feet with several stripes along its body. Ri-Riu is a rare breed with little known about it except for the fact that it has amazing eyesight. Ka-Riu is brilliantly red and petite in size while Fuku-Riu is a crowd favorite as it brings luck. Hai-Ryo evolved from Chinese mythology and is probably the most advanced dragon form (being a dragon bird).dragon tattoos Asian dragons on the other hand are a balance between good and evil. It is a being of power, mystery, benevolence, intelligence, wisdom, guardianship, supernatural powers, and of good will. It is both a fearsome and gentle creature. Asian dragon tattoo designs are more frequently used over European designs due to the versatility of meanings or simply because it appears to be more exotic with its highly stylized illustrations.